We believe in making measuring more simple, reliable and accurate. The original tape measure has been in continuous production since 1868, but it has remained essentially unchanged until the recent introduction to market of the eTape16. The tape measure has been a sustainable product because it is an absolute necessity for virtually everyone no matter their profession. Everyone measures!

Stephen Crane is the inventor of the original digital tape measure and now in his third generation product, it is the only digital tape measure on the market today. Stephen was always thinking about engineering something better and building whatever he could himself. He attended MIT and in his earlier career was a Naval Architect working mostly with America’s Cup racing sailboats, and he has designed multiple yachts for some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Stephen went out to the marketplace and persuaded a number of successful industry leaders to join the eTape16 team. Together, they drive to a common mantra: Measuring Made Easy the Digital Way!

Digital Measuring Made Easy